Care Navigation

Not all patients need to see a GP and can often, following Care Navigation from our reception team, be offered a more appropriate appointment or service to meet their needs. We now offer a wider range of services here in the practice, including Physiotherapist assessment appointments daily, a Practice Pharmacist, Social Prescriber as well as Nursing team care and support.

In order for our team to be able to direct you to the most appropriate health professional, we have asked our Receptionist to ask you for more information when booking appointments/telephone calls. This is called Care Navigation. This is really useful in assisting us to direct you to the correct person/team and will allow GPs to triage and prioritise telephone calls throughout the day. This will also allow the GP to refer you to an alternative service if deemed more appropriate and that service will always have access to GPs if needed for ongoing care.

Our Receptionist will not offer clinical advice, but by asking a few questions they can triage appointments and if they can offer a more appropriate service, this will then free up the GPs’ time and appointments so they can deal with patients who can only be treated by a GP.

You can read more about Care Navigation under Patient Information and Helpful Links tab on the home page.