Blood Tests Results

Had a blood test? What happens next?

If you have attended the surgery to have a blood test, or have left a urine sample for testing, please read this as it contains important information that you need to know.

With effect from 1 February 2016, we are altering the way in which we inform patients of blood and urine test results. This is to make the most effective use of GP, nurse and reception staff time and to create additional appointment availability.
You DO NOT have to contact the surgery for your test results.

We will now contact you directly if your results are ABNORMAL, unless you already have an appointment booked for follow up. If you do have an appointment booked, the results will be discussed with you then. Please keep follow up appointments if advised by the doctor or nurse.
If your result is ABNORMAL in most cases we will contact you within a week of your test. We will try and contact you sooner with any urgent results, even if you have a review appointment booked.

Please ensure we have the correct contact details, address and PHONE NUMBERS, to ensure we can contact you quickly if needed.
Please let the doctor/nurse know if you are happy for us to contact you by text.